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The Quran Beheld - English Only Edition

The Quran Beheld - English Only Edition

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The Quran Beheld is now available in a compact English-only edition.

Readers will find the shorter 695-page copy perfect for commuting, travel, personal study, and contemplative reading. This edition is intended as a gateway to Allah’s book, making it an ideal companion to seekers and those wishing to gift the Quran to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Available in paperback or leather bonded hardback with a slipcase.

The striking blue in faux-leather is a timeless copy of the Quran that can be passed on to future generations. It was designed for durability, self-study, family use, and daily reading.

  • Preface
  • Introduction (26 pages)
  • Themes of Suras
  • Biographies of Quran Scholars
  • Works cited
  • Subject Index
  • 695 pages

Paperback Dimensions: Length:23.5cm, Width:16cm, Height::3cm Weight:1.1kgs
Paperback: ISBN: 9798986398211

Hardback with Slipcover Dimensions: Length:25cm, Width:17.5cm, Height::4cm Weight:1.5kgs
Hardback: ISBN: 9798986398204

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