About Us

Andalus Islamic Bookstore was established in 2003 to be the premier source for traditional Islamic Books.

Recently, Islamic books have tended to focus mainly on Islamic jurisprudence which is definitely essential to the religion, however Islam is far greater than that.

Islam is a complete way of life that addresses a human being's three main faculties that is the Body, Mind and Soul.

Scholars have mentioned that the Body deals with the physical aspects of Islam like physical prayer, physical actions, etc. Books about Islamic jurisprudence are key to understanding these things.

Then there is the Mind which deals with things that challenge us to think about  concepts like heaven and hell, as well as the qualities of our creator, the concepts of pre-destination, etc. Books about aqeedah are key to understanding these topics.

Finally, the Soul which deals with the Soul and the diseases of the heart. Allah has mentioned that one that purifies one's heart is successful. Books about purification of the soul, tassawuuf and dhikr are key to improving one's spiritual state. Taskiya ("sanctification" or "purification of the self") is getting greater attention in the global Islamic discourse among the English speaking Muslim but its roots and heart are firmly in branch of tassawuuf. 

We hope that Andalus Islamic bookstore can help our community to discover the true complete beauty of Islam through a comprehensive range of Islamic books that inspire us to be the best examples to mankind.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about Islam or have any special request for books.